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Factory Audit

Social Audit:
          To  avoid problems conflicts and we will visit the factory to assess:
1. QA Control.
2. Ethical Evaluation;
3. Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism evaluation (C-TPAT);
4. Sourcing Agents;

Quality Audit:
Before placing an order or starting production, can visit the factory to review its quality and management systems, production facilities and more to determine the factory's capability of manufacturing a product that can meet your needs and requirements.

This service allows you to accurately assess the capabilities of a manufacturer before placing an order .On the basis of our report, you can decide whether the factory is suitable for you.   
Clients can decide what features will be assessed. evaluates the factory among these main categories ;             
Supplier Code of Conduct
       Health and Safety   
Technical Capability
                   QA Control
       Quality Control System 
                   Communication, Documentation Control 
       Number of employees / workers in the production process
                   Skills of workers
                   Different machines, and number of assembly lines available.
                   Ensuring the ability of the factory to manufacture the products that clients request
                   Structure of the factory as well as identification of the owner of the factory